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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of body and mind. As a system of physical exercise used to improve and maintain health, Tai Chi can be helpful in achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation while also strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems. 

Developed originally in China as a self-defense strategy, or martial art, Tai Chi -- the "supreme ultimate fist" -- is practiced in modern times primarily as a gentle exercise technique. Described as "meditation in motion", Tai Chi consists of a standing person performing a series of postures or bodily movements in a slow and graceful manner, with each movement flowing without pause to the next. 

While strict attention to body position is critical, proper breathing is considered to be equally important. Just as movements are slow and continuous and without strain, breathing should be effortless yet deep. Finally, both mental and physical balance is considered essential to Tai Chi. The experienced practitioner of Tai Chi maintains perfect body throughout the exercise series. Altogether, the five essential qualities of Tai Chi are:

  • Slowness - to develop awareness.
  • Lightness - to make movements flow.
  • Balance - to prevent body strain.
  • Calmness - to maintain continuity.
  • Clarity - to focus the mind.

Tai Chi has both physical and mental benefits. If done regularly, it improves muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Many older people find that it boost their energy, stamina, and agility, sharpens their reflexes, and gives an overall sense of well-being. The calming and meditative aspects of Tai Chi allow any to experience its ability to relieve stress. Some claim Tai Chi to be a healing therapy, and it is often used to support other treatments for chronic conditions; arthritis, fibromyalgia, and digestive discarders are just three examples. Like yoga, Tai Chi has several different styles to suit the individual. Also, it can eventually be done daily by oneself, and ultimately becomes a very personal endeavor.